USA Nails

USA Nails (STA/I Hate My Records/Bigoût/Unwork/Rip This Joint) are a scuzzy noise-punk band from London. Each of them spent their younger years being the least popular members of various bands that some people actually liked.

Their “music” is stripped back and raw, though this is largely due to their fried thirty-something brains, which are unable to comprehend anything more complicated than a boom-bap drum beat, and their fat, slow fingers which render them physically unable to fret-tap.

Steven’s snotty lyrics are stark, but vibrant. Through them he discusses mundane modern lifestyles, awkward social behaviour, inanimate objects, bad decisions, ovation round-back guitars and urination.

With age, USA Nails have become lazy and curmudgeonly, though remarkably they are due to pinch off their 3rd album early in 2017. If you like Pissed Jeans, The Pixies, Destruction Unit, The Fall, or the early work of Sonic Youth, you might consider them passable.