Rock without yachts.

SCANDINAVIA recorded an album called ‘Good Living’ in April 2011. In April 2012 we recorded another album called ‘The Gods’. In April 2013, we recorded a song called ‘HMV is Dead!’. In February 2014, we released our third album, ‘Big Noise!’, followed by ‘Ideology: A Beginners’ Guide to Scandinavia’. In late 2016 we’ll release our fourth album, ‘World Power’.

SCANDINAVIA has played roughly three times as many shows as we’ve released albums. Highlights include our 2014 ScandinAsian tour to Hong Kong, the Philippines and China, a Scandinavian-themed ‘summer ball’ and ‘winter luge’. As far as we’re aware, no one has ever described our music (or infrequent live performances) as ‘rubbish’. This is obviously good news.