Lake Komo

Relocating from Lancaster to Manchester last year, Lake Komo (Jay: vocals & guitar, Jess: keyboards, Pete: bass, and Maxwell: drums) have been steadily building a growing fanbase in the North West and as their shows have grown, so too has their sound. ‘Resurrect’ showcases expansive and bold arrangements, where lush electronic soundscapes act as an impressive backdrop for their emotionally driven lyrics and soulful vocals.

Speaking about recent single and video “Resurrect”, lead singer Jay explains: “‘Resurrect’ is a song about loss and the process we all go through in order to deal with inner turmoil. Each section of the song (both lyrically and musically) is meant to represent a specific feeling, whether it be contemplation, anger, fear or acceptance. When thinking about a video for this song we wanted to avoid a love narrative as whilst it could have matched the track thematically it felt too specific as the song has a much wider range of meaning. With this in mind the narrative is more allegorical in nature and therefore more open to interpretation for the viewer.”

“Rhythmic flows that instantly propel the quartet in to the coat-tails of contemporaries such as Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Aquillo” – Gold Flake Paint

“Offering with tension and emotion in spades” – The Line of Best Fit

“Mysterious, illusive yet seductive pop music” – Clash

“Like all of your favourite acts taking a dip on a hot summer night” – Disco Naivete