Kemper Norton

“The mysterious music of Kemper Norton draws its power from its apparently conflicting facets, which put the listener in a confused but entirely pleasurable state. The sound is formed of acoustic folk miniatures swimming through pools of synthetic texture, while found sounds float to the surface, dredging up tiny hints of dance rhythms in their wake. These ingredients – far from being a casually picked, if natty, selection from the twentieth century’s smorgasbord of genres – are stirred together with idiosyncratic focus to produce a strange, heady brew that’s neither folk nor electronica, neither analogue nor digital, but something else; boasting new flavours with familiar seasoning.

Much, if not all, of Kemper Norton’s output is borne of strong, sometimes elaborate concepts that are only fully revealed in sleevenotes. They often focus away from the typically urban concerns of electronic music to face folk’s rural heartland, but eschew idyllic, pastoral stereotypes to reveal tales of domestic violence, “party melancholy”, burial chambers and the dire consequences of industrialisation for rural Britain.” The Quietus