Katie Malco

Scottish-born Londoner Katie Malco writes music that sits quietly somewhere between an aching, serene sadness and a hopeful determination. Somewhere between morbid and elevating. She mourns her past and lays it out on the table for all to see, exposed with twitching nerves.

Armed with only an old telecaster that’s seen better days, a piano – any piano – and her voice, she has toured the UK and mainland Europe extensively, both solo and previously with a super-group live band of ex-Reuben / Tubelord / Tellison members. Her latest EP is a bold collection of piano based compositions recorded live in an old hall. The EP, ‘Tearing Ventricles’, was released on Alcopop! Records, on red 12″.

“Tearing Ventricles is twenty minutes of Katie Malco laid bare; detailing loss, anger, hope, despair and absolute joy – a piano, a voice and the most vital honesty laid down in song this year. In ‘Wake Up and Fight’, Malco instructs to “wake up, feel alive” – and for these twenty minutes we’ve never felt more so.” 405

“She’s probably your favourite songwriter’s favourite songwriter” Musical Mathematics

“One of the most promising British songwriters about at the moment.” Shout For Music