Jo Mango

In a field saturated with folk-influenced singer-songwriters Jo Mango stands apart. Her beguiling yet intensely intellectual work draws upon her adventures whilst travelling the world as a member of Vashti Bunyan’s band and her experiences over the last few years completing a Doctorate in Musicology plus her collaborations with David Byrne (Carnegie Hall, NY 2007), Devendra Banhart, Coco Rosie, Teenage Fanclub (Baby Lee, 2011), and Admiral Fallow (Beetle in the Box, 2012) amongst others.

Jo Mango’s second album Murmuration was released on 5th November 2012 via Olive Grove Records and demonstrates Jo’s extraordinary ability to paint vivid and enquiring images of the natural world with a voice as delicate and complex as the myriad environments it describes. The album was recorded and produced by Adem Ilhan (Adem, Sliver Columns) who became a good friend of Mango’s during their time on the road together, performing in collaboration with Vetiver, Juana Molina and Vashti Bunyan in the groundbreaking Zero Degrees of Separation tour, and features Jo’s trademark combination of guitar, kalimba, omnichord and squeezebox as well as musical saw, harmonium, bowed glockenspiel, and piano.

“Immensely charming…” – The Times
“Her gentle voice holds a pure innocence akin to Bjork” – The Sunday Mail