Jesus and his Judgemental Father

“Sounds like the Ten Things I Hate About You soundtrack, but way more queer” 

Leeds Queer Punx Jesus and his Judgemental Father are an 4 piece who have been steadily carving out a place on the DIY music scene for the last 6 years. They combine rather catchy melodies with a variety of socio-political song themes, delivered via some incredible musicianship. They are a likeable bunch who clearly enjoy playing with each other and are always grateful to an audience for being there with them.

Although their song material can be dark at times (mental health issues, suicide, violence against trans people, family rejection), it is always served with a sense of hope and togetherness that has the ability to draw you in and make you feel welcome. The overall message is simple; being queer is great, stick with your friends, and be there for each other.