Formed in late 2012 in a dingy rehearsal room in West Croydon, Frauds are an energetic, over-the- top duo comprised on Chris Francombe (drum/vocals) and Mikey Alvarez (guitar/vocals). The band combines thick jagged riffs and beats with a mixture of humour and anger in equally measure.

Over the last few years Frauds have shared a stage with Kagoule, USA Nails, Slaves, Queen Kwong and many more. Frauds’ last release was the double single ‘Some Other Lover’ / ‘Pick Up the Stone’ released via Disorder Recordings in 2014.

Since then Frauds have been working tirelessly to bring a bucket load of new music this Autumn.

Frauds could be filed between Slaves and The Amazing Snakeheads in a ‘worst dinner-party music ever’ playlist‘ – NME Radar

Mike (guitar) is noticeably straining or going off key at some points‘ – Spin The Black Circle (gig review)