Dystopian Future Movies

Dystopian Future Movies are post-rock, post-metal, experimental band based in Nottingham, UK.

Weaving lyrical catharsis with hypnotic vocal melodies, Irish born Caroline Cawley uses an evolving experimental guitar sound that expands into massive doomscapes through collaboration with seasoned metal/prog drummer Bill Fisher and photographer Emily Azadpour.

Taking a Sonic Youth approach but arriving at some dark place between Neurosis and Chelsea Wolfe, DFM have crafted a unique combination of discordant layers, atmospheric swells and colossal heaviness.

“DFM wove a web of molten gossamer over the hypnotised audience. The stark, striking sound was utterly captivating.”
Paul Quinn, ghostcultmag.com

“Quite frankly better than any new band has any right to be.”
José Carlos Santos, Terrorizer (8.5)