Carefully Planned organise live music events in Manchester. From 2011 to 2016, this included an annual festival of independent and alternative music in the Northern Quarter, every third weekend of October. ACPF didn’t take place in 2017 (you can read more about that here). Instead, we had a ‘Carefully Planned Farewell’ event on the 21st October.

Since the first festival in 2011, ACPF has featured over 800 acts and nearly 2000 people attended our most recent event in 2016. Our approach to booking bands and organising the events remains as DIY as is realistically possible and we’re perpetually proud of what we achieved and the exposure and support we provided for both up-and-coming and long-term established bands, singer-songwriters and musicians.

The festival promoted an eclectic range of music genres; showcasing (pretty much) everything from math-rock, hardcore-punk and doom metal, to folk, ambient, pop and back again. The festival was entirely run by volunteers, and it’s important for us to keep tickets affordable and inclusive with minimal booking fees. You can read more about our ethos and history here

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“Carefully Planned Festival reliably transforms the city into a vibrant culmination of everything exciting happening in underground music right now: power-pop, punk, folk, twee, psych rock, pop-punk, ACPF manages to orchestrate a cohesive weekend whilst offering a diverse and seemingly endless program, which in itself is totally admirable. Thankfully, the music on offer is as exciting as the team behind the festival are dedicated. ” Zero Magazine

“A Carefully Planned Festival is still absolutely incredible. It’s hard to hit home just how an impressive an achievement it is if you’ve never been yourself – the huge range of bands, the incredible atmosphere, and the fact that it’s all completely D.I.Y., put together by a small group of friends with very little outside input. Every year they continue to keep it going for us is another year that we are truly lucky.”  Musical Mathematics

“A Carefully Planned festival is in its fifth year now, but shows no signs of unwanted commercialism or creative stagnation. Long live the urban festival in Manchester!”  The Independent

“So mind-bogglingly reasonable, you’re tempted to tip….quality more than matches quantity.”  The Skinny

“The beauty of such a diverse, well thought-out festival is that you’ll always find something you weren’t expecting to blow you away…there’s so much to commend the organisers of A Carefully Planned Festival for from the diversity and quality of acts, the insistence on running to schedule, the compactness of the location, the sound systems they brought into non-traditional gig venues, the general friendly vibe of the volunteers and the paying punters and the exceptional value for money.” Even The Stars